Covid-19 continued to force change on the industry throughout 2021, and all customer-facing activities and meetings continue to take place online. Companies invested heavily in training for their commercial and medical teams, in omnichannel engagement and remote detailing of products.

As anticipated, this multichannel approach will continue into 2022, and hybrid roles will become the norm – with commercial and medical teams utilising a host of channels to engage with HCP’s. Employers will need to continue to adapt their remote working, home/hybrid models to ensure they remain competitive and attract the people they need in their organisation.

At the start of 2022, we saw Pharmacy Reps back full-time on the road, and GP and Hospital Rep’s working in a hybrid model. We anticipate this will continue for the remainder of the year as hospitals and GP practices continue to limit face-to-face engagement due to Covid.

2022 looks set to be a positive year and we anticipate that hiring activity will accelerate further as the year continues. We expect the majority of disciplines will experience growth and we will likely see a mix of newly created roles on top of normal attrition rates as people decide to move jobs, on the back of 2 years of uncertainty during Covid.

The aim of this guide is to provide a comprehensive overview and insight into current salaries and benefits within the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Medical sectors across Ireland.

The data provided is based on an annual review of the salary information we have gathered within the last 12 months. We review employee salaries across a range of disciplines, their associated skills, level of experience etc. In addition, we use market intelligence and data captured from within the market throughout the year to feed into our report.

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Bethann Doherty
Commercial Director